On Friday, February 23rd, HCE students had the opportunity to meet and ask the author of the Banna and Bree Book Series, Ms. Karen Cross some really important questions.

Students in Grades 2 -5 began reading Banna and Bree, Blown to Rwanda in October.  They finished the book last week and to culminate the One School One Book reading event, Ms. Karen Cross skyped with our students to answer their questions in live time all the way from Brisbane Australia.

Ms. Cross shared her passion about the important issues related to endangered animals and how we can make a change by making simple choices. She currently has 4 Banna and Bree books published with 2 more on the way.

Our students enjoyed Blown to Rwanda so much, they have just begun reading the next Banna and Bree adventure; Blown to Borneo.  

We look forward to continuing this love for reading relationship with Ms. Cross as the book unravels.