Please Join Us!

Become involved! Join our PTSO (Parent...Teacher...Student...Organization). The goal of our PTSO is to enhance the learning environment of Hancock Creek Elementary. The PTSO organizes fun-filled activities while raising funds for school-wide projects. PTSO meeting dates are listed in the calendar. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Mission Statement

To enhance the learning environment of the school by creating an inspired, cohesive atmosphere of family and community.


  • Motivate families to become involved
  • Working together
  • Raise funds for equipment and playgrounds
  • Make a noticeable difference
  • Service project
  • Schedule school events
  • Increase membership each year

Expectations and Norms

  • Start and end on time
  • Be respectful of other’s ideas
  • Stay focused on the topic
  • When there may be an issue have a constructive solution
  • Be engaged-remain actively involved